With exacting standards, we combine form and function to realize each customer’s unique vision.  Using mortise and tenon joinery, we build modern, dramatic timber frames that will stand for generations.  Inspired by traditional craftsmanship and informed by modern design, we were early contributors to the American timber framing revival.


A custom design is at the structural and aesthetic heart of each timber frame.  Drawing every line by hand, we translate our customer’s vision into a unique combination of joinery elements.  Our decades of design experience ensure the artistry and structural integrity of each timber frame.


We craft our timber frames using mortise and tenon joinery.  Perfecting each cut with handheld chisels, we ensure the timbers fit together to create a structurally sound and visually arresting frame.  We complete the joinery in our workshop, assembling and raising the frame on site.  Our decades of experience have honed the precision craftsmanship this technique demands.